About Pookie's

Sawat dee, krup! We are Pookie's, a restaurant specializing in Thai and "Isan" (north-eastern Thai) cooking.

Our Chefs

Our chefs are Khun Wan and Khun Tuan.

Head-Chef Wan comes from Tha Bo district in Nongkhai province, north-east Thailand, and Associate-Chef Khun Tuan is from Khorat.

Chef Wan's was featured briefly in the Living in Ottawa show (link), and also in Anne Desbrisay's review.


Sawat dee kha, dichan Pookie kha / hello, i am Pookie!

Welcome to my restaurant and to our web site!

I will be your host and will make you comfortable and feed you well.

Our chefs Khun Wan and Khun Tuan